Leadership Development…Cajun Style!

Today’s leaders are constantly being asked to do more with less. You need every team member giving it all they’ve got. But economic challenges, competition, and concerns about the future can result in a negative, stressed out culture.

Drawing on her roots in the heart of Bayou Country in South Louisiana, Jennifer has a unique perspective on leadership. The Cajuns of South Louisiana are known for their rich culture, their strong sense of community, and their “joie de vivre”, (love of life). Add to that their resiliency and ability to rise up and thrive amidst change and challenge, and you have a model for effective leadership!

Successful leaders in today’s business environment know that the way to make a real difference – the way to positively impact the bottom line – is through effective people skills. To draw out the best your team has to offer, you must have the ability to create a culture of collaboration, to build strong relationships based on respect, and to foster a spirit of connection and celebration within your teams.

Let Jennifer share with you her recipe for “Leadership Gumbo”, using the holy trinity: Enlighten, Engage, and Influence for Results – all with a dash of Cajun Flavor, of course!

Enlighten. Engage. Influence for Results.

Have your leaders created a toxic work environment where team members are intimidated instead of enlightened? Great leaders enlighten and inspire others to contribute their best.

Are your leaders barking orders and using the old command and control style of leadership, or are they communicating and connecting? Effective leaders collaborate with team members to come up with innovative solutions and positive results.

Influence for Results.
Do your leaders use a one-size-fits-all approach to leadership? Truly successful leaders identify the strengths of each team member and then capitalize on those strengths. By doing so, they improve morale, customer and employee satisfaction, and positively impact the bottom line.

Bring the Bayou to the Bottom Line

Jennifer Ledet has helped transform hundreds of organizations from the inside out. Through her leadership training workshops, keynotes and breakout sessions, and learning resources, she’ll provide your leaders with the practical people skills and the tools that they need to be successful – to create a rich culture of collaboration and trust – and to positively influence the bottom line. Using real world examples and powerful stories (with a Cajun flavor!), Jennifer provides take-away value that can be applied immediately.