Leaders: Beware the Cancer That May Be Killing Your Culture


Some time ago, I was working with a leadership team, helping them to all "go and grow" in the same direction. We were going through the process of building a culture of trust and respect and I felt like we kept hitting a brick wall. There was something there, blocking the team members from fully … Read more

Leadership Lessons from Parenthood


Parenting. One of the most challenging - and rewarding - jobs in life. The same can often be said for leadership. Having experience in both arenas, I can honestly say that I have made my share of mistakes and missteps, had lots of boo-boo's and blowups, lost my cool and been hot-headed. But the … Read more

Now More Than Ever


When the going gets tough, the tough get going - or so the saying goes. When times are good, leading a team or an organization can be exhilarating and gratifying. It's also a bit easier to lead when you've got abundant resources and ample opportunities. … Read more

Logic Makes You Think but Emotions Make You Act

Family man

Logic makes you think; emotion makes you act. I’m not sure who first said this, but I heard it recently in the context of improving presentation skills. As I often do, I thought about the truth of this statement in the context of improving leadership skills. “But there’s no place for emotion in … Read more

There is NO Finish Line


You can never lead others where you haven't first led yourself. Gulp. I don't know about you, but when I first heard that quote, it really struck a chord with me. … Read more

Leaders: Want to Have a Great Year? Plan for It

Note writing

After returning from a trip recently I found myself inexplicably stressed. I tried to figure out what worry was niggling at the back of my mind. Why should I worry? I had just received word that several proposals had been accepted by clients and that should be cause for elation rather than … Read more

Leadership Lessons from Santa


Tis the season ... for running around, shopping, and scurrying to get to holiday parties, that is. I thought it might be appropriate to take a look at some leadership lessons that we might glean from Jolly Old Saint Nick. After all, he seems to have it going on and I figure we could learn a lot from … Read more

Work is Not a Four-Letter Word


I'm not sure who originated this quote, but I heard it the other day and it resonated with me: We all pray for a harvest (success), but we forget that when harvest time comes, it's a lot of work. Similarly, my grandmother, ("Mimi") used to tell us, "Mais cher, be careful what you pray for, because … Read more

Leading Questions: Twelve Powerful Tools for Your Leadership Toolbox


I've read that you should never ask a question for which you don't already know the answer. Oh wait, maybe I read that in a John Grisham novel. While that may be true for an attorney who's cross-examining a witness, in leadership it is quite the opposite. … Read more

Leaders: Do You Have Employees or Team Members?

Team member or Employee?

Let me ask you a loaded question: In your organization, do you have employees or team members? You might think that there's not much difference between the two. A matter of mere semantics. But I say there's a world of difference. For instance, if you have employees, you likely don't have … Read more