Leadership Lessons from Parenthood


Parenting. One of the most challenging - and rewarding - jobs in life. The same can often be said for leadership. Having experience in both arenas, I can honestly say that I have made my share of mistakes and missteps, had lots of boo-boo's and blowups, lost my cool and been hot-headed. But the good news is that with every slip, trip, and fall, I've learned valuable lessons. Sure, they may be in therapy for years, but I guess you could say … Read more

Logic Makes You Think but Emotions Make You Act

Family man

Logic makes you think; emotion makes you act. I’m not sure who first said this, but I heard it recently in the context of improving presentation skills. As I often do, I thought about the truth of this statement in the context of improving leadership skills. “But there’s no place for emotion in business!” you might protest. Oh contraire, mon ami! As a leader, a big part of what you do is influencing people to perform and produce; to get the … Read more

Leaders: Want to Have a Great Year? Plan for It

Note writing

After returning from a trip recently I found myself inexplicably stressed. I tried to figure out what worry was niggling at the back of my mind. Why should I worry? I had just received word that several proposals had been accepted by clients and that should be cause for elation rather than angst. As usual, when I have a knotty problem to unravel, I grabbed a pen and paper and started making a list of all the completing priorities I had to … Read more