Leaders: Beware the Cancer That May Be Killing Your Culture


Some time ago, I was working with a leadership team, helping them to all "go and grow" in the same direction. We were going through the process of building a culture of trust and respect and I felt like we kept hitting a brick wall. There was something there, blocking the team members from fully trusting one another. And as we all know, trust is the cornerstone, the foundation of team unity and collaboration. Without it, you wind up having each … Read more

Leadership Lessons from Parenthood


Parenting. One of the most challenging - and rewarding - jobs in life. The same can often be said for leadership. Having experience in both arenas, I can honestly say that I have made my share of mistakes and missteps, had lots of boo-boo's and blowups, lost my cool and been hot-headed. But the good news is that with every slip, trip, and fall, I've learned valuable lessons. Sure, they may be in therapy for years, but I guess you could say … Read more

Logic Makes You Think but Emotions Make You Act

Family man

Logic makes you think; emotion makes you act. I’m not sure who first said this, but I heard it recently in the context of improving presentation skills. As I often do, I thought about the truth of this statement in the context of improving leadership skills. “But there’s no place for emotion in business!” you might protest. Oh contraire, mon ami! As a leader, a big part of what you do is influencing people to perform and produce; to get the … Read more